Our Community Dinner!

Last week, Walking with Wisdom threw a Community Dinner at the Ullus Hall in Mount Currie for friends and family of the girls. The purpose of this dinner was to bring the community around Walking with Wisdom participants together to learn about, and celebrate, the girls’ achievements throughout the last year. Those who attended learned about the trips to Victoria and Whistler that the girls have been on, as well as learned about their photography, video, and writing accomplishments through their videos and blog.

P1000796 IMG_7371 P1000810 IMG_7486

In all, 50 members of the community came out to show their support for the girls and learn about the activities they have been doing! The girls helped plan the menu for the dinner, set up the hall, cooked and served all their relatives and friends! It was a great night with laughter, prizes, and both young and old enjoying each others’ company and supporting Walking with Wisdom.

IMG_7490 IMG_7509 IMG_7400 P1000775 P1000795 P1000771 P1000766


4 thoughts on “Our Community Dinner!

  1. You girls presented an amazing dinner for us all. I am proud of you all, the things you accomplish with this group is amazing. I am grateful to have been invited to this dinner, and to have spent it with some amazing young women and the family and friends who support them. You girls did a great job, the dinner was delectable and the company was inviting.

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