Our Second Trip to Victoria!

Last weekend, Walking with Wisdom had the opportunity to return to Victoria, BC for an action-packed weekend of workshops and exploration. After a long day of driving from Pemberton, taking the ferry (which we love!) and settling into our hotel in Victoria, we got to meet the team and board at VIDEA, and talk to them about our group, including some of what have learned and why we like it!

IMG_6635 IMG_6637

Then, we were surprised when Ashley Dennehy, an Aboriginal Ambassador from the University of Calgary, who came to Whistler in the summer with us, came to our hotel room and stayed with us for the weekend! We really like Ashley and think she’s super cool! The next day, we were off to Camosun college, where the Aboriginal students on campus were celebrating with a traditional cook-pit fire, where they served smoked salmon and root vegetables. After getting a chance to join in on the food and festivities, we were given a tour of the campus by an Aboriginal Ambassador from Camosun. She showed us the Indigenous Education Program, told us about resources for Aboriginal students on campus, and showed us what some of the students were up to. We also got to tour faculties that some of us are interested in pursuing –such as Fine Arts and Marine Biology. After this, we were able to take a Compassionate Communication workshop with Sage Armitage from VIDEA, who taught us about communicating effectively and positively with each other and other people.

P1000583 P1000592 P1000660 IMG_6659 IMG_6802

On our final full day in Victoria, we headed off to Saanich for a survival skills workshop with a friendly lady called Daniella, from an organization called Thriving Roots. On her beautiful property, we learned wilderness survival, including how to make friction fire, forage and harvest edible plants and medicine, and make nettle rope. We also played some leadership and teambuilding games, which encouraged us to depend on each other and also our own instincts and awareness. After making tea and nettle bracelets together, we ended the day by building a friction fire from scratch together as a team. This meant we had to cooperatively rubs sticks (which takes quite a bit of coordination and effort!) in order to produce a small coal, that we then gently blew into a flame of cedar trimmings. We had a lot of fun and laughs during this session! IMG_6872 IMG_6875 IMG_6876 IMG_6877 IMG_6882 IMG_6885 IMG_6897 IMG_6994 IMG_6998 IMG_7008 IMG_7020

Our favourite parts of the weekend were:

-Getting to be in nature

-Talking to Sage about communicating effectively

-Visiting downtown Victoria! -Connecting with each other

-Meeting new people and seeing new places

-The ferry

Some things we learned are:

-Some of the things that are most important to us

-What college program we want to go to

-How to not be so shy

-How to harvest Oregon grape, and liquorice fern, which can make you feel better when you are sick

-How to make fire

-How to best communicate with other people

Thanks for following and stay tuned until next time!


Video-Making Session

Last week, we worked on editing some of the videos and photos we’ve taken into small videos.

Photographer and videographer Courtenay Louie came to visit from Ahousaht Nation on Vancouver Island. She told us the importance of videos as a way to spread knowledge and awareness and showed us a video she made of her time in Zambia, which has almost 19,000 views on Youtube: http://youtu.be/SmuyVII5QFw.

She showed us how to use video-editing software to edit and combine photos and videos. Together we made some videos about Walking with Wisdom, and these are the links to our results from this session!

Chasity and Skyla’s video:

Elvyra and Diquan’s video:

Jenine’s video: