Poster-Making Session

Last week, we worked on putting together posters for advertising our girls group to other girls in the community. We wanted to show community members, fellow students, and other Aboriginal girls some of the activities we have been up to and invite other girls who are old enough to join our group.

We take a lot of photos when we meet…. A lot….! All of the girls love grabbing a camera, experimenting with different settings, and taking photos of the surroundings, each other, and of course….selfies!

IMG_6135 P1000345 IMG_6335 IMG_6037P1000102 P1000082

Using some of the many photos we’ve taken, we crafted printed versions into drafts of posters to experiment with content and design for what we felt best represented the values, activities, and spirit of our group. We brainstormed some words and phrases that spoke to us.

Incorporating different parts of the designs we came up with, a final poster was put together! We plan to put it up at our school and community next week!

IMG_6442 image


4 thoughts on “Poster-Making Session

  1. Well done girls! It is obvious that you are living some of the values you put on the top of the poster…that is so powerful to know your values and then to remember to live by them.
    Sounds to me like you gals are already “walking with wisdom” at such young ages…imagine who you’ll be in 10 or 20 more years…inspiring others for sure, keep up the great work!

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