Leaders We Admire



Chief Cam by Tish

I chose Chief Cam, who sings Canadian pow wow and dances. 

He is a leader because he does a lot of things, for example: he’s a singer, dancer, horseback racer, leads ceremonies and drumming.

I picked him because he looked interesting to me because he does a lot of things that I also like to do.

Chrief Cam

Tashayna Peters by Elvyra

I picked Tashayna Rose Starr Peters. 

She is a leader because she went to Africa as a Youth Outreach Coordinator, and because she leads a girls group.

I chose her because I know Tashayna, and I am in her girls’ group 🙂


Dr. Lorna Williams by Mellanie

She is the Lil’wat Nation Canada Research Chair, Indigenous Knowledge and Learning.

She is an Associate Professor from the University of Victoria.

She is the Director of Aboriginal Education.

She is an educator with many years of experience in Aboriginal Education Indigenous Language Revialization, Program, Curriculum Development, Teacher Development, effects of colonization on learning, and Indigenous ways of knowing.

Because she has achieved a pHD and is now a leader in Indigenous Education, she is a leader and that is why I chose her.


Chief Harry O’Donaghey by Chasity

Chief Harry O’Donaghey lives in D’Arcy, BC. He likes to hunt moose , has two dogs and works in fisheries. I picked him because he is my papa and I love him.


Ovide Allard by Kashmir

I chose Ovide Allard because he founded Yale B.C. Most of my family history is in Yale so I decided that he will be my role model. He is my role model because if he did not found Yale I probably wouldn’t exist or I wouldn’t live here at least. The house that my (insert amount of greats) grandma lived in is now a museum. I have visited it before and I have also been in the church in the backyard. I don’t remember any names from the museum but I do remember some things from the cemetery in Yale. I have family under the maiden name of Jackson in the cemetery, says my grandma.

Historical Museum of Yale (Church)
Historical Museum of Yale (House)
Ovide Allard






12 thoughts on “Leaders We Admire

  1. Thank you for sharing the attributes of the leaders you admire! I have come to understand that if there is something in someone you admire, then as it turns out you have some aspect of that attribute in yourself (or you wouldn’t even see it in them!). To ad-mire is also to mirror…thanks again, young leaders!

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  2. I am really interested in the variety of people you have all chosen. I am excited about this because it shows that you know you don’t have to be “famous” to be able to inspire others. That means you can see the strengths in everyone you meet.

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  3. Great leaders you have chosen. It is wonderful to read what you have written, I have learned about a few new people! Tashayna has always been an inspiration to me. I met her the day before she went to Africa and I think she is awesome! (I hope this works it is the first time I have done this – you inspired me to reply to you).

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  4. I really appreciated reading what you fine gals wrote, especially since I don’t know any of the people you picked, so thanks for teaching me about some of your inspiring role models! After I read through them all, I wondered what some of the people in your lives would write about you. You all have strengths that inspire others whether you know it or not. I encourage you to get to know your strengths and live them so that you will continue to be powerful leaders who inspire others!

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  5. Thank you for telling us who inspires you. I have learned about some really interesting people because of what you wrote. Role models can be so important to set an example of what can be achieved in life, wherever one comes from. I have been associated with VIDEA for many years, and when I saw Tashayna speak upon her return from Africa, I was inspired by her experience and her desire to take it back to her community, which she is doing with all of you. You are on the right path, so just keep travelling!


  6. Wow, thank you for your inspiration, what a great blog. Now I will look to find some leaders of my own to write about…Maybe some leaders who talk about the feats of other leaders, do you know any by any chance…….That’s right, you-I think what you are doing is amazing, and I am looking forward to reading your next posts!


  7. Nice. I like that there’s example of both “big” and “small” achievements in the examples you have. Sometimes the “small” ones are the ones that can really help you beleive in your power to do something meaningful yourself. At least for me!


  8. Thank you so very much for sharing and thank you for teaching me about writing blogs (I have never done that and I am old; never too old to learn). Each of your leaders/role models seems to have something valuable to teach us, but the most endearing to me was Chasity who chose her Papa. My Papa is my role model too and even though he is not alive anymore he still comforts and teaches me all the time.Looking forward to your next blog!


  9. Thanks for sharing! we can always learn from others. By following those who encourage us to improve and attain our goals, we come closer to make the change that we want to see. It is great to read about the actions that inspire others 🙂


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